Triumph Motorcycles in Invercargill

Founded in Coventry, England, in the 1880s, Triumph Engineering became one of the most well-known manufacturers of motorcycles. 

With its roots in the trusty bicycle, Triumph decided to turn its hand to motorcycles in 1898 and four years later its first was produced: a bicycle fitted with a Belgian-made Minerva engine. In its early years Triumph based its motorcycle designs on those being produced by other manufacturers; in 1904 the company started building bikes of its own design and the following year it's first entirely in-house machine was made. 

Triumph's history is full of interesting tales: from the challenges of the Great Depression through to WWII (when the city of Coventry was almost entirely destroyed by bombing between September 1940 through to May 1941), to industry-leading moments with luminaries including Jack Sangster and Edward Turner playing pivotal roles in the brand's many successes on the world stage.

The company - albeit a slightly reimagined version - continues today. In 1983, when Triumph Engineering went into receivership, wealthy businessman John Bloor sought to keep the brand alive. Triumph Motorcycles - the largest surviving British motorcycle manufacturer - now makes a range of motorcycles reviving model names of the past.