V1000 Aero-D-Zero

The Britten Aero-D-Zero represents the beginning of the bikes that made backyard visionary John Britten a star on the world stage.

Back in the mid-1980s, John Britten and his good mate Mike Brosnan decided to partner up and build themselves a race bike each. The Aero bikes began as a styling project, with their vision to create motorcycles that were sleek, slick, and shaped to conform to their riders bodies.

John’s bike became the Aero-D-One (you can find the Aero-D-One here in collection) while Mike dubbed his – built first – the Aero-D-Zero. This bike features:

  • Petrol-fuelled 860cc bevel drive motor with Imola cams, big valves, standard rods and crank, and Lectron flat slides
  • Chassis using Ceriani forks and a fabricated aluminium arm swing, activating a Koni shock
  • A steel trellis frame similar to a modern Ducati
  • Magnesium wheels by Campagnolo
  • Brembo master cylinders
  • AP Lockheed front calipers
  • Fontana rear caliper
  • John Britten-designed bodywork, with the plug sculpted from a block of polystyrene and car body filler
  • The bike was first run in the March 1987 BEARS speed trial, clocking 234.02 kph (145.41 mph). It went on to win the 1988 and 1990 speed trials, with speeds of 242.72 kph (150.82 mph) and 247.80 kph (153.98 mph) respectively.


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