Burt Munro

He’s world famous – and not just here in Invercargill. The legend of Burt Munro is a story that celebrates plenty of attributes we Kiwis (Southlanders especially) hold dear.

Determination, grit, and a bit of good old Kiwi ingenuity all played a key role in shaping the tale we know today. His story is one of punching above his weight, taking on the world, and coming out on top.

Munro is a legend for a reason. Famous for setting an under-1000 cc world record at Bonneville back in August 1967, Burt Munro’s achievements were cemented on the big screen thanks to movie The World’s Fastest Indian, starring Oscar-winner Sir Anthony Hopkins. But that's not all. Every year, motorcycle enthusiasts flock to the deep south for the annual Burt Munro Challenge: his legacy lives on.

That legacy is celebrated here at Classic Motorcycle Mecca, too. Come on in and check out our tribute area dedicated to the man himself.

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