A New Zealand Legend John Britten

John Britten

We are privileged to showcase an exceptional display of bikes crafted by creative genius and backyard visionary John Britten here at our Invercargill motorcycle museum.

Ask any motorcycling enthusiast, and they're likely to sing from the same song-book: the motorcycles crafted by Kiwi John Britten and his team are some of the most innovative ever seen.

At Classic Motorcycle Mecca, John Britten fans will be able to get up close and personal with what is believed to be the largest public display of these revolutionary bikes in the world.

Our John Britten exhibit is now bigger and better than ever, and includes an Aero-D-One, kindly on loan from the Britten family themselves, as well as a truly magnificent Cardinal Britten. These bikes attract plenty of awe from Kiwi and international visitors alike.

Backyard visionary John Britten, who hailed from Christchurch, certainly made his mark on the motorcycling world. Our collection is privileged to have a number of bikes built by the legendary engineer on display.

John Britten Story
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Creator Of The World’s Most Innovative Race Bike, The V1100 Cardinal

The John Britten story is legendary: not just here in New Zealand but around the world. His life's work is considered the epitome of the innovative number eight-wire mentality and tenacious work ethic New Zealanders pride themselves on, and even today Britten’s story is one that captivates and inspires.

John Britten died of cancer at the age of just 45. Here at Classic Motorcycle Mecca, we feel fortunate to be able to pay tribute to a New Zealand great within our motorcycle museum.

Hero bikes on display