V1000 Aero-D-One

The dynamic Aero-D-One was the second bike John Britten designed, complete with a Kiwi-built engine.

  • The Aero-D-One originally burst onto the scene in 1985
  • On loan to us from the Britten family, the dynamic Aero-D-One, in particular, made a lasting impact on motorcycle design internationally and was widely acclaimed
  • The Aero-D-One started out as a styling project for John Britten, and featured an extended aerodynamic front with spoilers
  • Britten designed the bike with an sleek shape, which conformed to its riders' body
  • Two bikes were initially constructed from the original mould: the Aero-D-Zero for engine builder Mike Brosnan, and the Aero-D-One for John Britten himself
  • The Aero-D-One model has an incredible story: from the construction of its fairing through to the tale of how the bike came to be fitted with a Kiwi-built engine instead of the Ducati version Britten originally envisaged
  • Like any new design the Aero-D-One was struck with some niggly teething issues in the beginning: but the team behind the build showed their class when it came to finding solutions to these.


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