1948 Triumph Tiger

John Britten, together with his good mates Allan Wylie and Joe Hannah, loved British motorcycles.

  • Together the three men formed a race team, dubbed ‘Three Fools Racing’
  • This 1948 Triumph Tiger is the motorbike that John Britten modified and rode himself
  • Well-known around the race circuit, this 1948 Triumph Tiger features a tank, oil tank and rear guard constructed from alloy. Britten also made extensive modifications to its engine
  • When the Britten factory was sold back in 2006, this bike was found in parts and put into storage in the basement of another building owned by John’s company
  • Luckily for motorcycle enthusiasts, the parts were retrieved from storage prior to the devastating Christchurch earthquakes. Had they not been moved, the parts of this historically-significant Triumph motorbike would have been submerged in water for several months because of restrictions on entry into the quake-damaged building
  • In the end, this bike was put back together in commemoration of iconic Kiwi motorcycle figure John Britten to mark the anniversary of his death.

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