2017 Brough Superior SS100 MK1 Motorcycle

George Brough’s factory stopped making its sensational motorcycles in 1940. Somewhat unsurprisingly – given how highly-regarded the Brough Superior motorcycle name was in enthusiast circles – that wasn’t quite the end of the story.

  • Sixty-eight years later, in 2008, the rights to the Brough Superior name were purchased by Englishman Mark Upham
  • In 2013 Upham met motorcycle designer and constructor Thierry Henriette (a fellow Brough devotee) and the rest, as they say, is history … reimagined
  • The duo relaunched the Brough Superior company and soon after its reformation, the pair announced plans to build the SS100 MK1: a high-performance, luxury motorcycle designed as a 90th anniversary tribute to the most famous Brough Superior model in the company’s illustrious history
  • Purchased new in 2017, our Brough Superior SS100 MK1 is number 18 in a limited run of just 300 motorcycles
  • These new Brough Superior motorbikes – with their long, horizontal profile – replicate the formidable Art Deco-inspired style, elegance and glamour of the original bikes, combined with cutting edge, modern components
  • Each motorcycle was made to order with a choice of three finishes (traditional, full black and titanium – ours being the latter) and myriad other luxurious options
  • Like their predecessors, the modern Brough Superior motorcycles are both innovative and expensive
  • Among the noteworthy details – of which there are many – is that a substantial portion of the parts were crafted by hand, and only one person, named on the chassis of each bike, assembled and welded the motorcycle.
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