1936 Brough Superior SS80

This Brough Superior SS80 was dispatched from the Brough Superior factory in Haydn Road, Nottingham, on 30 July 1936, bound for Marston’s of Bridge St in Chester.

  • The supplier plate of Marston’s remains on the front mudguard of this bike even today – and, even more interesting, according to the Brough Superior Owners’ Club, it is the only one of the marque ever sold from Marston’s
  • The specifications listed on its dispatch sheet state that it was equipped with: Druid forks; Enfield brakes; Lucas electrics; a Smith's 0 - 120mph speedometer; a Lycett saddle; a foot gear control; a separate oil tank complete with filter and C&S cap; a battery mounted on the engine pin bracket; a detachable carrier (not fitted); small-type, curved-top pannier bags; a Cranford hinged rear guard; a Cranford front guard; an aluminium oil bath front chain cover; an AMAL carburettor; sports handlebar and fittings; a left-hand side brake pedal; lever magneto control; and pillion foot rests.
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