1937 Brough Superior SS100

This is the glittering star amongst the Brough Superior display here at Classic Motorcycle Mecca – no mean feat, given we are home to the largest collection of the ‘Rolls Royce of motorcycles’ in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Our 1937 Brough Superior SS100 can be found in the ‘hero bikes’ display here at Classic Motorcycle Mecca, a place it firmly belongs
  • So, for the uninitiated, what makes this bike so special? Let us count the ways
  • Having firmly established Brough Superior’s reputation as fast, reliable, and supremely stylish in 1922 with his highly-successful SS80 racer, George Brough launched the legendary SS100 in 1924, based on a machine that Bert le Vack had ridden to take the world speed record at 191kph (119mph)
  • Each motorcycle was supplied to its new owner with a signed guarantee from Brough himself that it had been timed at over 161kph (100mph) over a quarter of a mile
  • (That might sound a bit OTT – but when you consider a Brough Superior at that time cost the equivalent of a standard home in the United Kingdom, maybe not)
  • From 1935, the last 102 examples of the Brough Superior SS100s were equipped with 990cc engines from Matchless: the overhead-valve, V-twins were built to Brough’s exact specifications, with a ‘fork-and-blade’ big-end bearing, different camshaft profiles, and larger ports
  • The gearbox, a Sturmey-Archer four-speed with foot change, and the front forks, a copy of a Harley-Davidson leading-link manufactured by Brough under the ‘Castle’ brand
  • This machine underwent a full restoration back in 1990 carried out by UK specialist, J W Tennant-Eyles, and was featured as the cover feature story of Cycle World magazine in April 1991 – soon after its arrival in the United States
  • It remained in the care of a San Diego family, and was often displayed at the San Diego Automotive Museum before its sale, via auction, and move to New Zealand
  • With slick extras like its optional chromed mudguards and fishtail exhausts, this SS100 is every inch a superb example of the marque seen as the crème de la crème of classic British motorcycles.
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