1930 Brough Superior SS80

Launched in 1922, the SS80 was powered by a 982cc, J.A.P V-twin engine. Its model code reflects its guaranteed top speed of 80mph (that’s 129kph to those of us here in New Zealand).

  • About 1086 SS80s were produced between 1922 and 1939
  • (Later versions came equipped with a 990cc, side-valve Matchless Model X V-twin built to Brough’s exact specifications)
  • The SS80 found within Classic Motorcycle Mecca’s collection is a standard SS80
  • Since 1975 it was kept by private owners throughout the United Kingdom before being offered for sale as part of the Brian Verrall collection via an auction held in London in September 2008
  • Accompanying documents indicate it was privately restored, and at a later date, some further alterations were completed by noted Brough Superior specialist David Clark, of the United Kingdom.
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