1936 Harley-Davidson EL 1000cc Knucklehead Motorcycle

The Harley-Davidson Knucklehead is considered by many as the bike that helped solidify the brand as the most American of all American motorcycles. It's a milestone bike, and ours is a beauty.

  • The Knucklehead had a revolutionary new engine: it featured the V-twin layout already used by Harley-Davidson, but it had overhead valves. The engine was also given a racy new look, with some rad new rocker covers – to some, they resembled a clenched fist, hence the nickname ‘Knucklehead’
  • The bike was known for its slick new look: instruments were mounted on the tank, a trend that spread throughout the motorcycle world
  • Capable of a top speed of around 100mph (161kph)
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