1926 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Some classic motorcycles are renovated. Others, restored. Others still – like our 1926 Harley-Davidson Model J – are completely dismantled, to the very last nut and bolt, by aficionados keen to devote plenty of passion to bring their machines back to their original beauty.

This bike came to New Zealand after being purchased from a private vendor in Herefordshire, in the United Kingdom, in June 2008. After this bike was dismantled in the first step of its restoration journey, all its metalwork was then professionally stripped and either zinc-coated or repainted in the original white-and-blue colour scheme of the United States’ police colours. It was then rebuilt using original parts, aside from the coil, which is from a 1930 model; and the front wheel, which hails from a 1927 model. This bike also features a front brake, which was not original equipment back in 1926.

Our 1926 Harley-Davidson Model J is one of 3749 of the machines to have been produced in that year.

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