1917 Harley-Davidson Model F Motorcycle

This 1917 Model F is a picture in the olive paint that became standardised on all the Milwaukee machines during, and after, the United States military involvement in WWI.

  • The decision to include the olive shade in this bike's renovation is a nice nod to the history of Harley-Davidson
  • This classic Harley-Davidson Model F is also equipped with the company’s adjustable, full-floating seat. Bikes hailing from 1917 are the first Harley-Davidson motorcycles featuring the seat
  • Speedometers were still optional: and the rider of this machine could only have guessed at the bike’s top speed. From all accounts, it can reach up to 105kph (65mph)
  • In 1917, Harley-Davidson upgraded the well-regarded 988cc, inlet-over-exhaust pocket-valve, F-head, 45-degree, V-twin engine to include a four-lobe camshaft as well as fully-enclosed intake valve springs
  • From model year 1916 onwards, Harley-Davidson began using the year in the model number, while the alphabet character continued to distinguish the sub-models within the manufacturer’s range
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