Ride Into Yesterday

With bikes hailing back as far as 1902, Classic Motorcycle Mecca’s collection gives visitors a glimpse into motorcycles through the ages

If you want to be taken on a whirlwind tour of innovation and ingenuity, Classic Motorcycle Mecca is your ultimate destination. The development of the motorcycle rose and fell with changes occurring all around the world – from the development of early motorcycles, used during WWI, to a time when families were in search of cheap, efficient modes of transport, all the way through to the golden age of cinematic rebels and beyond.

The Classic Motorcycle Mecca collection allows visitors to discover the finest examples of motorcycles through the ages. It is a fascinating story of the world around us, and the changes that have taken place in every era.

A visit to Classic Motorcycle Mecca is a truly nostalgic experience: here, you will be encouraged to take a step back in time. Discover the gems of the past, and let your imagination run wild as you ponder where the motorcycle might take us next.