Honda Motocompo

7th January 2021

Good things come in small packages ... Introducing the Honda Motocompo!
Introduced as a ‘trunk bike’ to fit inside subcompact cars produced by the automotive giant, such as the Honda Today and the then-new Honda City, this scooter’s handlebars, seat and foot pegs fold into its plastic body: presenting a compact, box-shaped package measuring an astounding 1,185mm x 240mm x 540mm. With such small dimensions, you’ll be relatively unsurprised to hear that the Honda Motocompo is the smallest scooter ever built by the company.
The Honda Motocompo is such a remarkable machine that it has maintained somewhat of a cult status among compact bike enthusiasts: it is beloved for its unique design, stylised logo and highly customisable potential. The story of the Motocompo continues to captivate the interest of both young and old, bonded by their enthusiasm for this retro vehicle.
Adding to this interest is the Motocompo’s relative rarity: just 53,369 of this model were ever sold by the time production ceased in ’83.
The Evolution of Japanese Motorycles exhibit is open now, until the 28th February 2021.