What do you want to see next at Classic Motorcycle Mecca?

20th May 2020

Now is your chance to tell us what you want to see next at the leading classic motorcycle museum in the Southern Hemisphere.

Planning for the next exhibit at Classic Motorcycle Mecca is underway – and the public is being invited to sound off on the display they’d love to see pop up amongst iconic names like Brough Superior, John Britten, Harley-Davidson, Indian and Ducati.

Transport World executive director Joc O’Donnell says the team is always brainstorming ways to keep the collections at both Bill Richardson Transport World and Classic Motorcycle Mecca engaging.

The most recent redevelopment at Classic Motorcycle Mecca was the creation of the George Begg Bunker. The space showcases the largest-ever display of race cars built by the legendary Southland engineer, and pays tribute to a golden age in Kiwi motorsport.

“We want people to walk out of Classic Motorcycle Mecca thinking, ‘wow – that was incredible’, whether it is their first visit to our collection or their twentieth,” she says.

“Making sure your visitor experience is one that is always fresh and exciting, and gives people something new to take away every single time, is really crucial. We put a lot of thought into the exhibits we showcase, because we want our collection to really come alive and captivate all of our visitors – whether they are into bikes or not.

“There’s much, much more to a classic motorcycle museum than just pulling some bikes together and putting them in a room: you’ve got to make sure you’re telling stories about people, because that is how your guests connect and relate to what they’re experiencing. To keep visitors engaged you’ve got to continue to evolve and grow,” O’Donnell says.

So, what made the Transport World team decide to turn to the public for inspiration?

“We like to say, ‘Invercargill’s got a thing with wheels’,” Joc explains.

“Our city is home to Burt Munro – visitors to Classic Motorcycle Mecca can even find a tribute area to the man known as the World’s Fastest Indian within our collection – and we have been working hard to create a point of difference for Invercargill, as New Zealand’s ultimate destination for petrolheads.

“We’re proud to have created what we see as a hub for motorcycling enthusiasts, and so it only seemed fitting to ask that community what story they think is worthy of sharing next,” she says.

“We’re looking forward to hearing from them, and discovering some classic motorcycling tales too.”

Members of the public can share their ideas by clicking here to visit the Classic Motorcycle Mecca page on Facebook.