Speedway Spectaculars – your chance to see an authentic Britten race helmet

20th December 2021

Classic Motorcycle Mecca is privileged to have a number of bikes crafted by the legendary John Britten on display.

Now, thanks to our museum’s temporary Speedway Spectacular exhibit, we are also able to showcase the only authentic Britten race helmet on public display in the country.

Ask any motorcycling enthusiast, and you’ll likely hear the same thing: the motorcycles crafted by the legendary Kiwi engineer and his team are some of the most innovative and groundbreaking bikes ever seen on the world stage.

Generously loaned by the Britten family, our collection of Britten bikes are much-admired members of our Invercargill motorcycle museum.

That spirit of generosity has continued, with Frank Brookland kindly including a Britten V1000 helmet in items showcased in the Speedway Spectacular display, on show until April 2022.

The helmet was painted by maestro Bob Brookland – Frank’s father – who was also responsible for the eyecatching paintwork adorning all of the John Britten-designed and engineer V-Twins. This is possibly your one and only chance to see an authentic Britten race helmet on public display: all others remain in the Britten family’s private collection.