Speedway Spectaculars – Neil Neilson bike

23rd December 2021

Invercargill’s got a thing with wheels, and our city’s love for everything speedway has played a key part in pulling together our limited-time-only Speedway Spectaculars exhibit.

Of the bikes on display in the Speedway Spectacular exhibit, all are local: with the majority coming from Southland’s main centre of Invercargill.

Among them? This 1949 JAP 500cc machine, once owned by the late Neil Neilson. It was raced by him for many years at the Invercargill Showgrounds, as well as at other events including those on a grass track.

Neilson was third in the 1962-63 South Island Grass Track Champs, third again in the 1964-65 South Island Grass Track Champs, and the winner of the New Zealand ¼ Mile Grass Track Championship in 1964-65.

The frame for this bike is one of just a handful made by Buck Buchanan.