Never heard before: John Britten owner, Gary Turner

28th August 2020

John Britten is an absolute legend in motorcycle enthusiast circles: and for good reason. 

The bikes crafted by the Kiwi and his team are some of the most innovative, cutting-edge and groundbreaking motorcycles ever seen in the world. 

Classic Motorcycle Mecca is home to an incredible collection of bikes crafted by John Britten - three of the four Britten Aero-D-One bikes, kindly on loan from the Britten family themselves, as well as a mindblowing Cardinal Britten. 

(You can find out more about Classic Motorcycle Mecca's John Britten display here 

Today, we're sharing with you a special, previously unpublished and unaired interview with Britten owner Gary Turner, shot back in 2015 at the 20th anniversary Britten memorial event in the legendary engineer's home base of Christchurch.  

Turner's Britten No. 9 was raced in Japan by New Zealand superbike champ Chris Haldane, and won the Daytona 1998 event. 

Check out the video here.