John Britten V1000 Cardinal

Only 10 John Britten V1000 Cardinal were ever produced, and Classic Motorcycle Mecca boasts the Number 1 Cardinal Britten amongst the treasures found in its collection. This bike is absolutely iconic, and she’s a beauty.

Only two Cardinal Britten bikes can be found on permanent public display in New Zealand – this one at Classic Motorcycle Mecca, and the other at Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand’s national museum.

The Cardinal Britten was built by John Britten and his team in their Christchurch workshop back in the early 1990s. Almost every component of the Cardinal was not only custom-designed, but hand-built. The attention to detail and care that has been poured into its production is evident in every glimpse.

With its radical new engine, lightweight body made from carbon fibre, and streamlined design – not to mention its striking pink and blue paint job – the Cardinal Britten was legendary almost from the get-go.

Plus, it was seriously fast.

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