2007 Vincent Black Shadow

If you’re looking for unique, you’ve come to the right place. The story of Classic Motorcycle Mecca’s 2007 Vincent Black Shadow is one that showcases just how dedicated classic motorcycle enthusiasts really are when it comes to their favourite marques.

Dubbed 'the world's fastest motorcycle', Vincent started making the Black Shadow back in 1948. Just a handful were made before the company stopped all bike production in 1955.

An engineering firm kept making Vincent parts until 1975; and a group of Vincent owners organised an independent spare parts operation, 'Vincent Owners Club Spares Company' to ensure quality parts could be found for their beloved bikes. In 2005, the group decided to manufacture a complete replica engine using the parts ... and after they proved that feat was possible, they turned to an even bigger task. The only Vincent motorcycle made since the factory closed back in the Fifties, it will probably remain the only modern Vincent motorcycle to be built - the cost and difficulty of doing so means it is unlikely another attempt will be made, making it likely the last Vincent bike ever produced.

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