1907 Indian Camelback

When you hear the name of some motorcycle manufacturers, you automatically think of a particular style. The Indian Camel Back, for a long time, symbolised the look and style of the Springfield, Massachusetts, motorcycle manufacturer Indian.

The Camel Back model takes its name from the hump-shaped tank mounted behind its seat.

(Originally designed to hold both fuel and oil, from 1906 onwards the tank was used to hold only fuel.) The “camel” styled tank remained a familiar design feature in Indian motorcycles for some time.

The oldest Indian found within the Classic Motorcycle Mecca collection is this 1907 Camel Back model. It represents a huge market success for this well-known motorcycle brand, thus earning its place among the significant bikes in our extensive collection. The Camel Back was critical in helping Indian command a whopping 40 percent market share in the years prior to the outbreak of WWI.

Top speed of the 1907 Camel Back was about 48kph, or 30mph. This features a Hedström-designed, cable-operated carburettor.

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